Start-up Novilunio

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Project management e business consultant nell’avvio della stat-up Novilunio.


Novilunio is a nonprofit interprofessional association dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people with dementia and cognitive decline.

The association informs, empowers and supports individuals to better address everyday unmet needs that could jeopardize their ability to live well with dementia in their own homes, surrounded by their family and friends.

Novilunio’s dementia care and educational programs support individuals to:
– Remain independent in their homes for as long as possible
– Delay/prevent care home admission
– Enhance personal and home safety
– Organize meaningful activities
– Prevent falls and other common injuries due to cognitive impairments and frailty
– Improve medication management
– Reduce, prevent and manage challenging behaviour
– Help family members and caregivers to communicate better with their loved ones with dementia
– Reduce caregiving burden
– Address legal and welfare issues.

In collaboration with medical institutions and industry partners, the association also designs and develops experimental projects that promote the adoption of assistive technologies and home modifications to enable people with dementia to remain safe and independent in their own homes, while improving their social inclusion in their own communities.

Eloisa Stella, President and Co-Founder

Il Lavoro
Eloisa Stella e Cristian Leorin sono due esperti di comunicazione sociale e tecnologia assistiva.
Assieme a loro abbiamo fatto dei ragionamenti sulla possibilità di avviare un’attività indipendente nell’ambito dell’assistenza delle persone anziane e con difficoltà: abbiamo identificato gli stakeholder, ci siamo focalizzati sui clienti e fatto dei ragionamenti sulla sostenibilità dell’attività.
Successivamente loro sono andati avanti e con tenacia hanno avviato l’attività nel 2014.